Parenting Beyond Belief, The New Secular Parenting Book, Is Now Available

The author, Dale McGowan, sent this update to those us who contributed articles to Parenting Beyond Belief:

Several parenting magazines are declining to review the book for fear of offending religious subscribers, and a few retailers are declining to stock the book, claiming there is no market for it. It is essential that we demonstrate otherwise, so please put all promotional oars in the water as soon as possible.

I know that a huge percentage of AgnosticMom readers have blogs. Will you please promote the book on your sites? You can also send a link to the friends and family members on your email lists. Plus, if you can spare the change, how about ordering one for your local library?

Here is a link to the book, Parenting Beyond Belief. Let me know when your order your copy!

21 thoughts on “Parenting Beyond Belief, The New Secular Parenting Book, Is Now Available

  1. Just ordered 1 for me and 1 for library. Any specific suggestions about magazines we could write to urging a review or other such activities? Thanks

  2. I just sent a link for your page to the regional Humanist Association that I am a member of. Will send one to HAC (Humanist Association of Canada) as well. Hopefully they will get the message out to their members. Let’s let the book stores know just who will be offended! :) Judith

  3. As a mom I was thrilled when I found this site. My son is six and we’ve discussed religion a little, but I haven’t told him that I don’t believe in God. I know it’s time. I just hope I don’t depress him. I’m ordering the book today. Maybe it will give me the words and courage. It feels good to know that I’M NOT ALONE!

  4. My copy arrived today!

    As I haven’t read it yet, I can’t know this for sure, but somehow, I don’t think that this book will be incompatible with religion. Magazines *should* talk about books like this (guess I have to get on the horn myself, or perhaps write a review to submit to Parenting?), and there’s no reason they can’t frame it as a *supplement* to religion, for those who insist on having a deity in their lives…

    Anyway, enough unknowledgeable rambling from me. Off to start reading so I can write that review.

  5. Wow I didn’t realize the book was published already! I’m low on money, but I’ll try to do my part by helping to spread the word about it until I can actually get a copy.

  6. I’m a Christian, and I think this book will be a great asset to parents who don’t share my beliefs. I’m sure that they, like me, can use all the help they can get in raising children who think and care about others. Those are traits that my Christian beliefs say I should uphold for others just as for myself, so I’m sharing the news about this book on my blog site, too.

  7. Ordered mine today! I’m very excited. Where I live(Texas), the oppressed are people like my family who are either agnostic or atheist. I worry for my children. Hopefully this book will help us all articulate our own non-beliefs with as much conviction as those Bible Bashers around us.
    I’ll send the link to my like-minded friends.

  8. I ordered my copy today.I’m excited to see the book. Sometimes my family finds itself at a loss as to how to articulate our non-beliefs in the face of judgemental fundamentalists. I’ll send the link to my like minded friends. Thanks!

  9. Hi Noell,

    I just wanted to let you know that I referenced an article of yours in a forum I was on here.

    (and I also wanted to say again that the last time I visited AgnosticMom, I saw that at least one other person using the name “Dan”.)

    Hope all is well with you and your family, see you around the web!


  10. hi

    me again. Looks like I finally got the url tags right. You can delete the other comments from today if you want

    See you around!

  11. Can anyone give me information on how to purchase this interesting book?
    I think there is no connection really with our beliefs and how we upbring our children. If we are a believer or not what we are as a parent most likely reflects how our children will become.


  12. I am currently reading the book, and i have found such comfort and advice in knowing that other people are choosing to raise their children in such an open minded way. I live in a small town in the Bible Belt of Oklahoma, and i feel more than alone in my quest to raise my child without the weight of religion. But it is books like this and sites like these that keep me pushing for what i want for my child and myself. Thank you, and THANK YOU Dale McGowan for helping me find hope on these matters.

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