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  1. I was an avid reader/lurker here about a year ago and was bummed when I saw that you had stopped blogging. I haven’t checked the site in a long time.

    My husband and I just came back from seeing “Religulous” and it made me feel good to see so many people in the theater appreciating the message. They (mostly) all applauded at the end.

    Anyway, seeing the movie made me think again about your blog and when I got home, I thought I’d check back in to see if you were back — and here you are! Welcome back!

    P.S. I have a 10 year old son and I know what it’s like when the subject of religion comes up with the other moms (and one of his teachers actually). Luckily, I live in Los Angeles, so it isn’t that big of a deal. Still, it was interesting to read your recent article about your AGMOM plates and the questions you get!

  2. Please don’t stop now. I just found this blog while searching for agnostic mom bloggers. I am an avid reader of mom blogs, but a ton of them are very religious and I don’t feel my views “fit” in.

  3. Hi Noelle,

    Religion has been a burdening topic of conversation between my husband and I our entire relationship. Although I must admit, at the beginning, it was a bit easier because we still wanted to “believe” in something. He was born and raised as a Roman Catholic and I a Mormon aka “a member of The Church.” He respected my wish to raise our children in the faith I knew best, and so wanted to believe fully and have faith and so wanted to have a “tesitmony” like all of the others, but never did.

    Over the years, the harder we have tried to be faithful, the more it seemed we felt empty and even worse, bickered more in our marriage and even contemplated divorce, our religion. Clearly something is wrong with that. I prayed, I attended, I was active, I read…but stories simply became “stories to me” just like any other.

    I felt less and less connected. Eventually I felt that the guise of desiring to be helpful, started to feel more like desiring to control my life. I was questioned when I was not in church just once. Never knew I owed anyone else that I was going out of town on any particular weekend.

    Recently, members of my family have been going through other hardships and differences and “The Church” has only torn more of a divide in our family on so many levels.

    All my husband and I want is to raise our two children to be loving, tolerant and accepting of all good people!

    I feel it is very safe to say my husband and I are GOOD people. We are always doing for others and always will. That is simply the nature of our beings, not because any church or religion made us that way.

    I don’t want to fill up your blog space! I have much to say…. =) In close, I came across your blog when I was doing a bit more research on the term “agnostic” of which my husband and I have determined that is where we stand. In doing so I came across your blog….and sent it to him saying…”this is eerily familiar isn’t it?” (you echoed so much of me).

    All the best in your life…for you and your family!!!


  4. Hey, ladies, thanks for hanging around and leaving your comments! I may not be able to update the blog very regularly, but won’t abandon it again. =) It’s been fun and heartening to be in touch with fellow free-thinkers again.

    Jennifer, thank you for sharing your story–yes, I do see a lot of parallels with my own! There are so many ways that leaving religion made my relationship with my husband so much better! One of the best things is that we can just accept and love each other for who we are without all those expectations that added so much pressure before.

    All of my relationships have improved, actually–mainly because of my ability to be a true friend and a real person now, rather than someone who always had to be “an example.” It’s the deep friendship my husband and I share that I most value, though, of course!

  5. Someone please help me! I’m a single mom. I’ve lost my faith! I don’t know whether to believe in the Bible, any religion or God anymore! I saw religulous and discovered Jesus’ life seems to be a copycat of ancient pagan gods! I don’t know how to raise my kids without religion in a world that is so annoyingly religous! I don’t know where to meet people who are just as frustrated with religion as me but still have morals. I have never told anyone how I truly feel or been on the internet about it, but it’s tearing me apart inside! I’m so stressed out! I don’t know what to do. Is there anyone out there who is just as frustrated about religion as me? PLEASE HELP!!!

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